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Our prayer is that your visit here is both informative and inspirational as you become acquainted with our ministry and see the many great things that God is doing in our midst. We hope that you'll join us for a live worship experience in the very near future. Until then, may God bless and keep you. 

Christ Temple of Praise (CTOP) was birthed on Easter Sunday, April 7th, 1996. From its initial membership of Pastor M.K., Lady Karen and their two young daughters, the church has grown to include over a few hundred members, only through God’s grace and favor. 


Since the church’s inception, many ministries have been birthed. It is our intent to impact Wilson in a profound and significant way; that not only are lives touched; but changed. For we are; EXALTING THE LORD, EQUIPPING THE SAINTS AND EXPANDING THE KINGDOM!

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Bishop M.K. Smith

Elder Myron K. Smith serves as the Senior Pastor-Teacher of Christ Temple of Praise Church in Wilson, N.C. This awesome ministry is transforming and touching lives throughout the Eastern North Carolina region. Pastor Smith envisions Christ Temple as a conduit of Gods love and power as it reaches out to Wilson and surrounding areas and makes an eternal impact for the Gospel of Christ.  Pastor Smiths footsteps have been divinely ordered of God to Wilson from Washington D.C. to manifest the glory of God and display excellence in ministry.


A sincere family man married for over 30 years to a devoted wife, First Lady Karen A. Smith. They are the proud parents of two wonderful daughters, Krystal and Kendall. This faith filled and anointed young man has a heart to impact the people of God with the wonderful gospel of Jesus Christ. Pastor Smith received his Bachelor of Arts degree in Religion and Philosophy from Shaw University, graduating with High Honors Summa cum Laude.  He has also studied at the North Carolina Central University, School of Law. Pastor Smith understands the challenges of today and uniquely teaches and preaches to meet the needs of the 21st Century.



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